August 23, 2017

- When I'm in my good friend and colleague's office I make sure to take a glance at her photo of the great activist Audre Lorde centered on the far wall. On the photo is Audre Lorde's famous quote and it never fails to inspire me:

"When I dare to be powerful,...

August 21, 2017

- Clients often express their desire to be "fixed". They believe they have been or they are involved in a situation that is "broken". The words fixed and broken evokes for me the philosophies that guide the Japanese art of Kintsugi also known as Kintsukuroi. Japanese c...

August 20, 2017

"Herein lies the tragedy of the age: not that men are poor - all men know something of poverty; not that men are wicked - who is good? Not that men are ignorant - what is truth? Nay, but that men know so little of men." - W.E.B. Du Bois

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