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It can start with a question. Why do I feel so…? How do I stop doing…? Do I have to settle for…? For many of us there may come a time when we ask ourselves do I need help? Asking for help is, arguably, the most difficult thing for people to do and maybe you’re thinking about taking that step. There are many reasons why someone would seek therapy. If that journey has led you here, welcome. I would like to help you.


My therapeutic practice is founded in a conviction for social justice that is informed by my education, my work, and my life experiences. I believe that everyone has the right to happiness, and that the pursuit of this happiness is central to the work of therapy.


My therapeutic approach is collaborative and relational. My firm belief is that throughout the trajectory of our lives we develop through the experiences we have in our relationships. A trusting, authentic therapeutic relationship can be a source of such development, and a source of transformation and healing.


The core of the therapeutic process in my work is in emotionally authentic connection. I start with listening to you, carefully and deeply. My focus is to be aware and observant as you express your needs and desires for a life of not just existing but also a life in which you are thriving. We can supplement the therapeutic work through assignments and solution-focused techniques to accelerate the healing process.



My couples work is also centered on the relationship. I work with couples collaboratively to help honestly assess their relationship, and identify mutual goals for the relationship and for the therapy. In the process of the therapy, I work to help couples strengthen their relational bond through improving the quality of their communications and the clarity of their perspective towards each other.


Life is amazing and complicated. You may be at a point in your trajectory when you're seeking support to improve how you are experiencing life. It can start with a question. Please feel free to contact me and ask.

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Payment and Insurance Information

I accept cash and checks.  Presently, I do not accept insurance, however, I qualify as an out of network provider and can assist you in submitting your receipts for reimbursement by your insurance provider.


303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1705

New York, NY 10016

I am located near Herald Square. Convenient to buses, path trains, and most subway trains


The core of the therapeutic process in my work is in emotionally authentic connection.

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You can contact me by calling me at 917-410-0928, or you can email me by filling out the form below and hitting send.

303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1705 New York, NY 10016 ~ 917-410-0928 ~ chuckmunnlcsw@gmail.com ~ chuckmunn.com